Demo Build released!

Aaron here.

The demo for our year-long student project at Dakota State University, A Murder Mystery in Minnesota, is here!

Here's what we know we need to fix before the final.

  • Interactivity - There just needs to be more to click on and interact with.
  • Puzzles - We have the "prologue" in - the first four days of our timeloop before it starts. After, there will be a few puzzles. They will be in for the final build.
  • Finished art - A few of the locations are in a whiteboxed state. This will be rectified for the final build.
  • Minor bugs and oddities to be fixed.


A Murder Mystery in Minnesota [DEMO v1 - Windows] 208 MB
Apr 12, 2018
A Murder Mystery In Minnesota [DEMO v1 - LINUX] 211 MB
Apr 12, 2018

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